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Hölle Games presents "Bonus Spin"

May 11, 2021

How to provide engaging, fun slots while staying profitable and compliant with German regulation as an operator?  

The answer developed by Hölle Games is "Bonus Spin", a solution that softens the tax exposure yet continues to provide an experience that customers are used to.  

In "Bonus Spin" games, some small wins (which are typically staked again by the customer anyway) are instead paid out as a Bonus Spin, which means a further bet is not exposed to turnover tax, while at the same time the experienced RTP (xRTP as we call it), including Bonus Spins, remains at the usual high level.

With the Bonus Spin mechanic, Hölle Games is giving the spins back to Germany!

Read more about how it works here

About Hölle Games

Hölle Games is a new, independent ‘Made in Germany’ video slots studio. Providing ‘Classic’ games German players love, such as Fruits, Bells XL and Ring the Wild Bell, Hölle Games is also producing a ‘Premium’ series of slots with unique artwork and cutting-edge game concepts, carrying distinctive German product names that most Germans will instantly recognise, such as “Holla die Waldfee”.  Furthermore, Hölle Games has produced a new and unique game mechanic called “Bonus Spin”, a player friendly and compliant solution for the German tax regulation.